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The YogaTrapeze is the only piece of fitness equipment you will ever want or need! 

Far more versatile than regular silk hanging systems, the  handles and 'pouch' design, make the participant feel safe while flying, cradling you at all times. There is also none of the bruising and scrapes common with use of other silk hanging systems. You can perform numerous 'body-weight' training exercises, aerial yoga, and enjoy the benefits of inversion therapy all in one!


Look for these classes on our fall schedule:


Expect this class to challenge, and change you! Develop strong abs with use of the OmGym and your own Body weight, aka: body weight training.


OmRestorative class is a gorgeous class; really incomparable to any other. The use of the OmGym allows for decompression of the spine. Expect to be hooked after your first class.


OmYoga class is a gentle yet challenging yoga practice utilizing the OmGym as a prop. The OmGym allows you to experience a deeper expression of the pose with an 'assist' from gravity.


The YogaTrapeze system is available for purchase at the studio. Buy your own and use it anywhere! 
available for $199+ HST

The Yoga Trapeze can be carried with you anywhere! They are extremely lightweight and come in their own convenient backpack for ease of travel. You can hang your Trapeze in a tree, use it in your backyard, the park, while camping, you name it.


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